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About Us

We introduce ourselves one of the Reliable. Agency equipped with all the required resources & infrastructure.We---- Bangalore Karnataka.We also have branch in Mysore.We provide------ Housekeeping Services and Contract Labour.

We have a strong Operations Team comprising of EX-Servicemen & experienced Civilians to monitor different Type of industries/Units.We conduct an extensive Screening of our personnel after meeting the required Specifications they are inducted after verifying their bona fides and deployed to various units.

A formal training is also given in Guarding,Firefighting & other aspects of Security/protection before deployment.We abide by the Law of the Land and operate with all Mandatory Licenses issued by the central Govt/State Govt.

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We have a result oriented Investigation team to handle different type of cases ie,pre & Post Matrimonial.Asset Verification, Surveillance of Groups & individuals,Theft,In house fraud,Infringement of Trademark,False Insurance claims/pre-post-Employment verification,Anti-Management activities,etc..

We also provide housekeeping services,we have professionals in this field who create a hygienic environment around your working/living place.We use latest/advanced cleaning which gives better finish is less time consuming.

A 24/7 control room is fully equipment for any Emergency a QRT (quick response team consisting of senior level staff) is activated in case of contingencies and they reach your Unit within reasonable time and take control of the situation.