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If a person is at the risk of a security threat or is vulnerable to a permanent risk exposure, we offer personal executive protection. The staff deployed for this purpose are specially trained close protection officers who will provide Tier one security to the client. We offer personalized security protection for celebrities and other public personalities who are often exposed to the risk of threats. The officers deployed for this job maintain a high level of discretion and ensure that individuals at risk can continue their day to day activities with the most comfort.


Advanced technology solutions are required for an improved relationship with our customers. Guardwell prime uses an application and portal based monitoring system to address the tracking of operations at the unit from the guard level which includes the details of their background verifications, individual profiles, site visits, training and real time attendance monitoring. We also have the facility for a reporting mechanism on all site related MIS. We deploy real time provisions for real time feedback and escalation management to protect your organization from the latest emerging threats.


Guardwell Prime gives you customized security solutions for corporate events, entertainment programs, product or service launches, music concerts, sports events, reality shows, award nights exhibitions and many more. The security framework will be divided into internal and external solutions based on the need to manage the venue, vehicles, people and other assets. For providing the maximum security we use our intelligence systems for route and alternate route selection. Electronic devices will be deployed on entry and exit route for the smooth transition of the event. The external security staff will control the crowd and ensure there are no mishaps or accidents. Moreover, we are closely associated with local law enforcement agencies or government agencies if the situation requires their cooperation. Our staff is equipped to take care of emergency casualties, fire outbreaks and that may result in casualties. The operations are done with supervision and meticulous planning that ensures maximum security during pre-event, event and post event.


We have a fully equipped team of vigilant security officers who are ready to render their service upon request by the fastest possible means. Any organization can be vulnerable to intrusion, theft, natural disasters and attacks. Our Quick Response Team (QRT) is ever ready for dispatch to locations which are in need of emergency help. The officers are equipped to improve physical security, neutralizing threats in hostile areas, providing employee background checks to prevent infiltration in the future. The primary objective of our QRT is to respond quickly to control a security crisis within the least possible time with minimal damage and reduced recovery time and associated costs. Vehicle equipped with PTZ camera fitted on top to monitor long-distance suspect movement (360 degree). The vehicle cabin will also act as command room to monitor CCTV / Camera and initiate immediate action as deemed fit. Vehicle equipped with PA equipment which can be used during any emergency. Vehicle will be equipped with FIRST AID BOX and equipment’s.